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I understand that the best way to achieve our life’s goals is to take a proactive and integrative approach to being healthy and happy. Scroll below to start learning how.

My name is Wendy and I am an experienced dieter, since I was sixteen years old.

I have tried many diets over the years:

  • No carbs vs lots of carbs

  • Sugar free

  • Juicing

  • Keto

  • Counting macro’s

  • Etc. Etc. 

You name it and I have tried it. None of these diets were long term or sustainable and lead to compensating and binges. My approach has changed over the years, due to personal experience my motivation and my inner drive has also changed.

Instead of the quick win, I want the lifestyle change to be sustainable and for life.

That’s when it becomes more manageable. 

I want to help you to accomplish the same.

Where do you begin and how do you take your first step?

If you are looking for guidance as to where to start and take your first step, don't look further.

I am a passionate and certified Precision Nutrition 1 Nutritional Coach 

  • I love to support you in establishing your sustainable personal plan for life.

  • I can assist you with those first steps on the path to a new you.

  • I will help you build a sustainable lifestyle that fits you!


This journey will go with baby steps, so give it time.

These small steps will be the base of your success!

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My name is Wendy Blankert

My journey towards change began a few years ago,  when I couldn't function properly, both at work and at home. I felt this constant exhaustion and had infections in my joints and tendons. It also impacted my overall mood and relationships with my family and friends, because I was always tired. But mostly, it impacted the relationship with myself, and my trust in my body.

At this low point I decided to overhaul my health and to take that first step to a better me. 

I had my body checked by a physician and based on the results, I modified my diet, because of the discovery of food intolerances for lactose, fructose/glucose and gluten. 

I also incorporated mindful exercising and mindful eating in my daily habits. 

It didn't go smooth from the start, but slowly, these small steps lead to better energy and a better mood.

I decided to continue my journey and I studied l more about the impact of food and exercise and mindfulness habits.

As a result, I am a: 

  • PN1 nutritional coach (Precision Nutrition Certified Coach Directory)

  • Mindful Run and Walk trainer

  • Mindful Walk Personal Coach

  • Power walk Trainer

  • Yogirya Trainer (yoga, kettlebell and HIIT) 

  • More to come, because I am constantly learning new things to help you even more!

Where can you find me and how can you reach me?

I am based in Antwerp, Belgium, and offer my consults live and online. 

If you like to know more about creating your own path, contact me or book a free introductory call! you will find the button below. Scroll down the plans, to find that free call!!

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Wendy Blankert



How can you get started and how do you make that first step?

This is what I offer:

Short term plans

Mindful run and mindful walk classes

  • The core of the classes are a gentle introduction to mindfulness and exercise. This includes: running and walking techniques, nose breathing techniques, meditation techniques. 

  • The sessions are either online or live.  

  • The live Mindful Run/ Mindful Walk sessions are five weekly sessions of an hour and can be attended in group or individually. (Check out the dates, because these are fixed) 

  • The online Mindful Run/ Mindful Walk sessions are 45 minutes long and can be attended live (via zoom, but will also be recorded) (check out the dates because they are fixed)

  • The  dates of the 5 week Individual live Mindful Run/Walk classes can be fit to your personal schedule. 

  • Click on the course to see more on the schedule and the plan.

Mid term/long term plans

  1. Nutritional coaching

  2. Personal Coaching

  • The program implies an introductory call of 30 minutes, in which we decide what issue we are going to tackle. 

  • After that I will also send you some questionnaires which fit to your goals. 

  • For instance, if it comes to nutrition, I  could ask you to keep a diary for a  week (mainly about food) or to have a test done (preferably prior to starting up) at a functional physician, to see if there are any underlying medical issues or intolerances. Why do I do that? Because it makes it easy to pinpoint the diet and to make it personal.

  • We can also get into action right away, because there are many other aspects in life that we can measure and test without needing the (medical) test results. (If there are any underlying medical issues, I have to refer you to a specialist)

  • We will be working on how to notice and change certain behaviors. But the changes I will suggest will be small and based on your capacities. And that's how we will build up your personal plan.  

  • We will meet on a weekly basis and there will always be a lifeline to reach me (whatsapp/mail) in between.

  • This program will be totally adapted to your needs and can be adjusted accordingly. 

You can find all courses, classes and programs at Book online. When you click on the book now button, there is a description of the specific class/course or plan. 

Book a plan

Instead of booking each session separately, you can book a plan as well (find them under plans and pricing)

Free zoom classes

Check out the free online zoom classes under events!!

They will be regularly updated. 


  • Mindfulness

  • Meditation workshops

  • Cooking workshops

  • Introduction to the different plans

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